About us

Wayward Book Festival is a week-long celebration of wild and wilful stories, organised and hosted by Falmouth Bookseller.

Falmouth is a vibrant and creative town with longstanding ties to nature and the arts. It is a uniquely diverse place that deserves to have all of these interests and more represented in the talks and speakers hosted here. 

As a bookshop we pride ourselves on being able to find the perfect book for pretty much anyone, catering to a wide array of interests. The same should be true for the events that are offered in Falmouth, giving everyone the opportunity to discover, explore, and learn something new. 

With Wayward, we hope to fill these gaps by championing authors, stories, and discussions that are subversive, headstrong, and commonly overlooked. From forgotten folklore to marine science, inspirational adventures to thought-provoking discussion about what a human life is worth: we have worked hard to curate a programme of brilliant minds and interesting speakers – and we hope you agree.